Netherguild title

Welcome to Netherguild-
A turn based strategy game about assembling an expedition deep into earth,
exploring and bonding with your team in a fantasy world with no magic.
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What is the Netherguild? (Lore)

Deep beneath the earth and the very ground we walk upon, was the kingdom of gaia. A brilliant kingdom of engineers and inventors we Wesnorians traded with.
That is, until the gaians discovered the forbidden and heretical secret of immortality- and thus trade stopped and the path to their world sealed.
But now, there are rumors going around of a weird plague- a similar plague to one that has struck eons ago, and was cured with the help of the gaians.
And thus, five hundred years after the sealing of the underworld, the king and his royal council have created the Netherguild,
a guild for going far underground - and summoned you, a noble, to assemble a team of professionals and head deep deep down,
with the goal of finding some sort of solution or cure from our ancient allies! Will you answer the call?


About the Game

Netherguild has been in the works since February-March 2018.
If you want to check it out, please join the Netherguild Discord!
Alternatively, you can contact me below or PM me via social media.

Netherguild is currently supported by hopes and dreams alone- be it my own or my players. In the future there'll be a financial option to supporting Netherguild, but for now even throwing a kind word my way or giving feedback can mean a lot <3


Who I Am

Hey! I'm David Vinokurov and I'm the sole developer behind Netherguild, hailing from Raanana, Israel.
While working on other projects in the past and freelance work, I always wanted to release a huge, sprawling project.
Netherguild is that project!



-Voxels aplenty!-

Psst... say hello!

Whether for business or if you want to join the Netherguild alpha,
Please feel free to contact me about anything!
Just shoot me an email at or contact me via my social media links below!